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November 9, 2011

  We have been unbelievably busy lately. Besides our regular activities–school, playdates, church–we traveled out-of-state for a funeral last weekend and we’re driving to MS to visit my parents on Friday. I really do intend to do a long catch-up post as soon as possible… Right now, I’m just putting up a quick update as I wait for grammar worksheets to print. I am finding out all over again that it’s entirely possible to be at home all day with nothing scheduled except school and STILL be so busy! :-/


  On a lighter note, Sara Grace is five months old today. June 9 seems so much longer ago than just five months; as Lauren said sweetly just a few minutes ago, “Mommy, I love my little sister, I can’t remember when she wasn’t here.” And it’s true… twelve children is the perfect number. With Sara Grace, the W. family feels complete. I would love another child, but those days are coming to an end… and that’s fine, too. And after all, my oldest is sixteen– before too many years have passed, there might be grandchildren around!



  Well, the schoolwork has finished printing…

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