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Amicalola Falls

October 25, 2011

  Yesterday John was off work and wanted to take the kids somewhere. He decided on Amicalola Falls–the same place we went to visit our camping friends–and headed off mid-morning with six of my healthy kids in tow [we’ve had something going around the past few weeks–today, we’re down to only two sick, so hopefully this is the end]. I stayed home with the two youngest and four sick. The kids came home raving about the pretty weather and their great time. They had a picnic, climbed the falls, and played in the stream– “Just like when we went camping!”

  I’ve finally figured out how to embed pictures in the post, so here are a few shots from the falls, compliments of Lindsay.


  I know they had a great time!

  Steven just told me that Christmas is exactly two months from today. And I realized–he’s right! Where has our year gone? It seems like just yesterday that summer was beginning, with the kids excited about the pool opening, having only “half-school”, and a new baby. Now, that new baby is almost five months old!

  Sara Grace is doing so well. Everyone loves her; at reading time, she is passed from one eager sibling to another. Her face looks exactly like Lauren’s did when she was a baby. It’s mainly the eyes–wide and blue–that make up the resemblance.

  One last funny moment from the other day. I walked into the basement to find Lindsay doing math. She was supposed to use a calculator for one problem. Our calculator is solar-powered, and it was dark in the basement–so Lauren was shining a flashlight at the calculator’s solar panel while Lindsay used it to work the problem. That’s the way to do it 😉

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  1. October 25, 2011 7:52 PM

    Wow! I can’t be believe Sara Grace is already 5 months old. Time goes by way too fast. Again, Lindsay took fantastic pictures. The view is beautiful.

    • October 25, 2011 9:46 PM

      Yes, November 9! I certainly agree, it just flies by.

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