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Recent Funnies

October 5, 2011

  Funny things some of my kids have said recently [recently meaning the past year or so]. You will notice most of them are from Thomas, he is the one who is constantly cracking us up!

  Thomas was telling one of my older daughters earlier this year about sea turtles: “Perfume from cars gets blown into sand at the beach and turtles eat it and that’s how they get distinct.”

  Jayne telling a story to Rhonda: “Once we were playing, probably like the day after yesterday…”

  A few weeks ago I was telling Lauren how, when I was little, my mom used to “let” me sit out on the patio when my hair was wet from having a bath. Lauren said in all seriousness, “Yes, they didn’t have towels back then.”

  A few months ago when we saw my parents, we decided to go for a walk/bike ride/scooter ride. My Dad rode a bike (for the first time in 40 years) while the kids rode their own bikes and scooters. Referring to my Dad, Lindsay said, “After a few minutes, he wasn’t wobbly at all!”

  A couple of weeks ago Lauren decided to try out the higher of the two swings in our backyard. She started swinging by herself and was very proud of herself. Then she commented that when she grows up she will be too big for that swing set. Instead of bursting her bubble and telling her that she won’t even be living with us when she grows up, I just listened. She finally decided that when she’s a grown-up we will just have to get a bigger swing set.

  One morning this spring we were leaving the house early to take the car to the shop. Thomas had been asking me the night before what time he needed to get up, etc. etc. He tends to wake up very early in the morning–6:00 to 6:30–so we made a rule earlier this year that he couldn’t get up until there was a 7 on the clock in the boys’ room. I reminded him that he can get up when there is a 7 on his clock. He asked me if it would be light (in the living room) then and I said yes, because I would be up. 

  When I walked out into the living room the next morning (a few minutes late) at 7:06 he was standing there in the dark, holding a small flashlight. He had shined it toward our cat Marmy (who was sleeping on the back of the couch) and the wall and said she looked like a “big, fierce, watch cat”. I guess her shadow on the wall was big.

  A few weeks ago Thomas came out at 7:04 and told me, “A bad thing happened last night–the clock never ever turned to a 7, so I just went ahead and got up.” I knew he had been in the bathroom for a few minutes so I walked back to the boys’ room with him to see why his clock hadn’t turned to a 7. It was 7:04. I told him that it wasn’t that his clock didn’t turn to a 7, but that he got tired of waiting for it and got up before it turned. I heard him at 6:30 that morning so he must have laid in bed forever waiting for 7:00 to come.

  One Sunday in April our pastor and Thomas were both wearing navy blue suits with ties. Our pastor told Thomas that they looked just alike. He said, “You could sit in my chair and they would never know it wasn’t me.” Thomas replied, “Except you have gray hair and I have brown hair.” If it had been anybody else I would have been mortified, but our wonderful pastor just laughed and agreed with him.

  One day we were talking about Thomas’s Sunday School story–Noah’s Ark. John asked Thomas what God put in the sky after the flood and Thomas, without a moment’s hesitation answered, “cowboys”.

  Jackson [at six]–“I don’t want to have eyebrows because they stick to me. I want to take them off.”

  Thomas–Recently I made pancakes for dinner and he was so excited. He said, “Why did you say we could have pancakes?” and then later he said, “They’re really good and I thank you for making them.” Then after dinner it was, “Mom, I’m really thanking you for the pancakes.”

  Jayne– A month or two ago Rhonda recruited her to help with the dusting and she was so excited. “This is my first dusting experience. I like to help get the job done.”

  Thomas was packing a backpack when preparing to go hiking He said, “I could take my flashlight. You never know when dark caves might sneak up on you.”

  We were at the pet store one day and saw a man walking his dog. Lindsay, who can identify every dog breed there is said “Look, there is an Australian Shepherd!” George promptly replied, “Yes, and he has a dog too!”

  And more to come…

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