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Pictures, Our Day, and Science

October 5, 2011

   Before I start this post, I want to put a quick note about pictures: I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve never posted any pictures on my blog. A year or two ago, I posted several pictures online and someone took and misused them. Since then, I’ve been wary of putting pictures online–especially since my sister Kathryn recently had a similar experience that forced her to deactivate her Facebook account.

  I’ve decided that I’ll start posting pictures on my blog–but only of things. None of my kids, husband, or myself–not yet, at least. [You probably wouldn’t want to see a picture of me anyway.]

  So… with that, here are some pictures from today. 😉


  When I first wrote this, it was my intention to post several photos and put text in-between each one. Then, I found out that you can’t do that. All the pictures have to be together; you can type above or below them, but not in-between.

  Well. I was quite frustrated when I found that out. That changed my plans; I had been counting on being able to type between the pictures. But you can’t, they’re all together. Also, they’re small–you have to click on them before they will enlarge. It works fine then, you can see all the details, but you’re just looking at the pictures–not at the text.

  Just consider this a test post. I may post more pictures, or… I may not.

  Top two pictures: At Thomas’s request, Rhonda made a tote bag for him so he could easily carry small toys around the house.

  Bottom two pictures: A page of Lindsay’s science test.

  Why did I post a picture of my child’s schoolwork?

  I’m glad you asked.

  To complain about it!!


  Please don’t get me wrong: I love my kids, I love teaching them school, and–most of the time–they complete their schoolwork with incredible diligence.

  Most of the time. 

  Barring my two oldest and three youngest, my children do this often. They will come across a math problem or grammar or science question that looks hard. Then instead of working to figure it out, they will write “Help please” or “I can’t do it” or “How do you multiply fractions again?” Later, when I’m checking their work, I find it and go over it with them. Usually, they can figure out the answer right off the bat.

  “Oh, I divide and then it comes out eight,” they will say. Or, “I didn’t know that word was a preposition.” Or, “Well, I couldn’t do it a minute ago.”

  Really–you couldn’t? Because you figured it out fine just now!

  On Lindsay’s science test, she wrote in answer to the third question: “I don’t know–am I trying to get it down to a certain point? How much shielding is needed?” There was a graph on the paper that she could have looked at and easily found the answer–but she didn’t.

  About an hour later I was going over her science test with her. We got to question #3 and she quickly said, “I didn’t know the answer, can you please help me?”

  I knew she could figure it out if she just tried for a minute. “Well, I could, but I think you can find the answer if you look hard enough. I’m going to go change Sara Grace, and I’ll be right back.”

  I had just stepped into the bedroom when Lindsay came skipping after me: “Six millimeters, Mama!”


  Well, that was easy.


  You really couldn’t have done that the first time?




  I’m done.


  But don’t even get me started on WordPress…

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