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Rainy Days

September 4, 2011

  I have never decided whether I love or hate rainy days.

  Sometimes, rainy days can be great. If we don’t have anywhere to go, I enjoy them very much. The kids, cats and I get comfortable on the basement couch and read a book while the rain pounds outside. Sometimes, they can convince Rhonda and I to make cookies, and all together it is a fun, cozy day… except for one very important fact.


  For my middle boys–Steven, George, Jackson, and Thomas–this is an awful thing. It’s awful for them because of the simple reason that they are stuck inside with nothing to do [believe me, I could find plenty for them to do]. It’s awful for me because I have to listen to them constantly exhorting their wish to be outside, they are unable to sit still when I need them to, and they can’t find anything to do and become very bored… and when they become bored, they get into trouble.

  There’s only a small chance of rain this afternoon, but it’s supposed to pour starting at about 8:00 tonight and lasting until tomorrow morning. I sent the boys outside a few minutes ago to get their energy out while they can. Hopefully, it won’t be too muddy tomorrow and they can still get outdoors for a few minutes at least. But then again, they will have Grandma and Grandpa here to entertain them 😉 We’re all looking forward to my parents’ visit. The girls and I have about finished all the cleaning and cooking that needed to be done. My parents always sleep in the master bedroom, while John and I are in the basement.

  One fun tradition we have when we see my parents is that my dad makes biscuits every morning for breakfast. He’s been doing this for years, ever since Lindsay was little. The kids all love it, of course–what could be better than warm biscuits and scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning?


  Lindsay just came downstairs with the news that the dryer has stopped. I likely won’t be posting the next few days, but I’ll put up something as soon as possible!

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  1. September 4, 2011 9:35 PM


    I found your blog today. I read it and enjoyed it very much, I’ll definitely be returning. 🙂 I just started my blog today. Here’s the web address:, or click on my name. Well, I’ll be checking back soon. You have a great family.

    In His name,
    Esther Brown

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