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What’s In a Couch?

August 27, 2011

  Who knew so many different things could be under the couch cushions? I, for one, had no idea! Just a few minutes ago, we took the cushions off of both the living room and basement couches. We took out all the things we found there, vacuumed the cushions, and put them back on. You would not believe everything we found…


  The first item in the living room couch was pulled out by Lindsay [12]. “Mom! I haven’t read this one yet. May I read it as soon as we’re done?” It was a Guideposts magazine–from 2006. Sure, one of the kids could have gotten it out in recent years and lost it in the couch–but 2006? Really?

  Next Jackson [7] stuck his hand into the cushion. He found a pacifier, a cat toy, and a little ball. Lauren [4] went next: her find was a hair clip. The kids continued taking turns in this way [they all found it great fun, of course].

  In the living room and basement combined, we ended up finding: a Guideposts magazine, two pacifiers, a cat toy, three balls, a hair clip, two socks, a math worksheet, a pencil, a playing card, a pink plastic bracelet, a quarter, a baby toy, a pair of SCISSORS, and a couple of other things as well, plus about a pound of dust, cat hair, dog hair, and crumbs.

  I was shocked.

  And it made me think! I started trying to remember when the last time was that we cleaned under the couch? I thought…and thought…and finally remembered one time, about two years ago. I’ve now decided to make cleaning the couch one of our regular chores; I think we’ll try to do it every two to three weeks.

  The funny thing? The kids are excited. Almost everyone got something “new” from what we found in the cushions. The only thing no one would claim was the math worksheet. Hmm, wonder why not?

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  1. September 16, 2011 4:02 PM

    That’s hilarious! I just moved into an apartment in China, and I’m really afraid to look under the couch. I already found a gecko in a fishbowl in the kitchen cupboard—who knows what else is around here!

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