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What We’ve Been Doing

August 25, 2011

  I started this blog with the best of intentions, but now I have been slacking!


  Mark [13] got his braces Tuesday. They have pretty much quit hurting by now, but he still can’t chew anything. Yesterday was the worst. We made milkshakes with cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream after lunch on Tuesday, which all the kids loved.


  School is going well. The science curriculum we are doing gives us a lot of experiments, and we did one of those today.  We are doing General Science this year. All the kids are enjoying it, for which I am glad.

  Lindsay [12] has been writing three-point paragraphs. She loves to write and is good at it, too, but has never had experience writing anything but stories. Today, her paragraph topic was “The Dangers of Being a ___”. She was supposed to think of a dangerous job [firefighter, policeman, etc.].

  We were sitting on the couch in the basement discussing her assignment. Lindsay was holding Sara Grace [2 months], which was likely why she was not really listening to what I was saying. She was having trouble thinking of a dangerous job to use in her paragraph. Mark was sitting on the couch, also, doing his math. “I have a suggestion,” he announced. “Accountant.”

  “Accountant?” Lindsay protested. “That’s not dangerous!”

  “Sure it is. Let’s see. You have staplers, paper cutters, staple removers…”

  “Staple remover!” Jackson [7] cried gleefully. “That sounds nice and dangerous.” He picked up an empty paper-towel roll that was lying conveniently nearby and challenged George [8], “Let’s sword-fight!”

  Lindsay tried to ignore her dueling brothers as she focused on me: “Can I do accountant, Mom, and make it funny?”

  I agreed, and this is what she came up with:

The Dangers of Being an Accountant

  A person who holds the job of accountant faces many dangers, but there are three that top the list. These three are staplers, paper cuts, and staple removers. Staplers are perhaps the most dangerous of all. Accountants must always be on the alert when stapling papers together to make sure that their fingers don’t get stapled together, as well. The next danger is paper cuts. Although small, paper cuts are actually very painful and accountants handle plenty of papers throughout the day. Last on the danger list comes staple removers. These miniature Jaws of Life are used to pull out staples and are extremely sharp. Some people may think that being an accountant is not nearly as dangerous as being a firefighter or police officer, but accountants themselves would likely say different: staplers, paper cuts, and staple removers hurt!


  Last night was our church’s AWANA kickoff. This is the first year our church has ever done AWANA; I think it will be a good program. I’ve signed up to work in the nursery. Rhonda [16] is going to help with 3/4 year olds, and Carrie [14] has picked 3rd grade. Lindsay and Mark will not be able to help, since our church just rewrote their policy to say that only teenagers 14 and older can help in AWANA/VBS. Lindsay was very disappointed and now can’t wait until her 14th birthday.

  But everyone got to go to the kickoff: inflatables, snow cones, popcorn, and face painting! Jayne [6], my little tomboy, ripped her skirt in the moonwalk. Rhonda offered to mend it for me. Rhonda is a huge help around the house, as are Carrie and Lindsay; I love having them around! 🙂


  Now we are scattered in different spots all around the house. Sara Grace and Micah [2] are asleep in the bedrooms. Carrie is in the living room reading a book. Mark, Steven [9], and Thomas [5] are in the backyard with Sadie, Ginger, and Everest [dogs]. Lindsay, Jackson, Jayne, and Lauren are playing Indians [as I type this, I can see Lauren’s face peeking around the doorframe and Lindsay whispering to her to get back]. And much to George’s dismay, Rhonda has employed him to help clean the bathroom. I’m sure that as soon as he’s done, he’ll race outside to be with his brothers.

  Tomorrow we’re going to my sister Kathryn’s house; she has two daughters and one son that are 12, 5, and 3. Saturday will be a stay-at-home, clean-the-house day…Sunday, church…


  …and Monday it will all start over again.

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