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August 19, 2011

  [Note–I’ve had this written since Wednesday, but haven’t gotten a chance to post it until just now!]


  I love to listen to my kids talk and interact with each other–so much, in fact, that I often jot down their words. I’ve kept a journal for sixteen years, ever since my oldest, Rhonda, was born. Any spare time I have, I’m writing down things that have happened during the day. So anyhow, here are some of my favorite interactions/conversations from the past few days [and also one from two months ago].


  This afternoon the kids were trying to think of something to play.

  Lindsay [12]: “Let’s hit…” The rest of her sentence was lost in a sneeze.

  Thomas [5]: “Each other?”

  Lindsay: “NO!!! Of course not!!! A ball.”


  Lauren [4]: “Why did that lady at the store tell me I was cute?”

  Rhonda [16]: “Because you are.”

  Lauren: “She told Sara Grace she was cute, too. Sara Grace IS cute. Why do ladies always tell kids they’re cute?”

  Mark [13]: “Yeah, why?”

  Rhonda [laughs]: “It’s just a girl thing, I guess.”

  Lindsay [12]: “They never tell me I’m cute….I guess I’m too old.” She shoots a mischievous look at Mark. “When you get this age, they just say, ‘Oh, you got braces!'”

  Mark makes a face.


  Lauren: “We need some new Indian words. What can be a word for ‘piano’, or ‘microwave?'”

  Lindsay: “Umm…Indians didn’t exactly have pianos or microwaves. Why don’t you work on learning the words we already have first, and then we can maybe think of some more?”

  Lauren: “Oh, I know the words already!”

  Lindsay: “All of them?”

  Lauren: “Well, uh, a couple? The ones we use lots?”

  Thomas: “If Indians didn’t have microwaves, how did they cook their food?”

  Lindsay: “Oh, Thomas, you haven’t been playing Indians with us enough! They cooked meat over a fire! And some things, like berries, didn’t need to be cooked. They would eat berries straight off of the bushes.”

  Thomas: “Bushes? I thought berries grew on trees.”

  Lindsay: “Can we talk about this another time? I think we’re supposed to be watching Rhonda and Carrie do their science experiment.”


  Every morning during our Bible time, we recite our memory verses. A month or two ago Jackson [7] decided he wanted to spice up Philippians 2:14. He said the verse– “Do everything without complaining or arguing” –and then flipped backwards off of the couch as he said, “Flip-pians 2:14!” Needless to say, the rest of us, or at least all who were old enough to get it, started laughing. The next day at Bible verse time, George [8] and Thomas [5] decided they were going to do it with him. Now, every morning, the three boys flip backwards in unison as they say “Flip-pians 2:14!”



  Next Wednesday night is the AWANA kickoff at our church [and John’s birthday, as well!]. This year is the first time our church has ever done AWANA’s. The kids are all really excited about it. I think it’ll be a good thing for them to go to, but I have to admit I’m not too happy about having to go somewhere every Wednesday night. It doesn’t start until September, however, so we still have a few weeks.

  Mark is getting his braces next Tuesday; he’s not very excited about it. [I believe I put August 20 on my Teeth! post, but it’s actually happening August 22.] He’s supposed to have them for about a year. He was actually going to get them last April, but we just didn’t have the money and moved it to August instead. His teeth aren’t really that bad, so we figured it could wait a few months. 

  Hailey, my 12-year-old niece, got braces last Monday. She, also, needs them for a year. She told Mark the first day isn’t so bad, but the next couple of days her mouth was very sore. We’ll see how this goes–it’s a totally new experience for us, since Mark is the first of the kids ever to need braces. [But definitely not the last…]

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