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August 9, 2011

  Lots of teeth-related things have been going on today! For one, Jayne [6] lost her first tooth! It hasn’t been loose very long, but she’s been tugging and pulling on it, eager to have it come out. Well, it finally happened early this afternoon. I was reading one of our history books aloud; Jayne was wiggling her tooth as she listened. Suddenly, she let out a shriek: “Mommy, I think my tooth came out!” Since then, she has been walking around the house showing it to everyone, so excited that she has now lost a tooth just like her seven older siblings.

  George [8] lost a tooth today, too, just a few minutes after Jayne’s came out. After watching Jayne lose a tooth and everyone get excited about that, he decided he wanted some attention, too. So he declared, “I’m going into the bathroom to wiggle my tooth, and I’m not coming out until it’s out!” It took a while–fifteen or twenty minutes, I’d say–but he stuck with it and finally came out, holding his tooth proudly.

  Mark [13] went to the orthodontist today; he’s getting braces in a couple of weeks. He was actually supposed to get them in April, but at the time we just didn’t have the money and postponed it until August. So far, he’s the first of the kids to need braces, but I’m almost positive others [namely Steven, 9, and Lindsay, 12] will need braces, too. This morning I took him to the orthodontist, and they took X-rays and put in spacers. He won’t be getting the actual braces until August 20. I told him this morning at breakfast that on the day he gets his braces, we’d buy ice cream at the store and bring it home. Of course, Jackson [7] misunderstood me. As soon as Mark, Sara Grace [2 months], Lauren [4] and I walked in from the orthodontist, he asked, “Where’s the ice cream?”

  “Yes, didn’t you get ice cream?” George asked. “Jackson told us you were going to.” He shot an accusing look at his brother.

  “Did you forget?” Jayne cried anxiously. “Hey, wait a second. Smile, Mark. Where are your braces?!”

  “I didn’t get braces today,” Mark explained. “They were just getting my teeth ready for braces.”

  “We’ll have ice cream in two weeks,” I assured them. Now I just have to write myself a note or something to make sure I remember, or I’ll be hearing about it…


  Oh, and one other thing. Sara Grace turns 2 months old today!

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  1. Lori permalink
    August 11, 2011 3:41 AM

    Hi Nicole! I did not want to post Dan’s last name on parents connect! Dan Colardeau, If you have a hard time finding him look for me, you can type in Momkey, I’m wearing a pink shirt! Friend me and I will suggest him to friend you and we will add you to the scary group there, then you can talk to everyone there if you’d like! We are trying to get MJ and Jamie to come over too! I’ll be asking Amanda to come join us too!
    You can find me on facebook here too:

  2. Kathryn permalink
    August 17, 2011 1:47 PM

    Hi Nicole,
    Emma told me Jayne had lost a tooth! That’s always exciting no matter how many times it happens! Now Joshua wants to lose one too!
    So exciting about Sara Grace turning two months old. Oh, one thing I’ve noticed on your blog. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Rhonda is 16 now, right? And haven’t a few of the others had birthdays? If so just wanted to point out the ages! 🙂
    See you tomorrow,

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