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August 9, 2011

  Kate is one of our two cats. She’s a six-year-old gray tabby, sweet, loving, and pretty. All the kids [and myself and John, too, I must admit] love her. Our other cat is Marmy, a four-year-old orange tabby. She and Kate love to curl up together and sleep. They can be found doing this anywhere in the house, but most often in the laundry room on a stack of freshly dried towels [yes–MY nice clean towels]. If the dryer door has been left open, they will even climb inside and go to sleep.

  Earlier today, Jackson [7] decided that he didn’t like Kate’s name.

  “It’s too girly,” he announced flatly.

  “But Kate is a girl,” Jayne [6] protested. “So it’s okay for her to have a girly name. She is supposed to have a girly name.”

  “Well…yeah, sure, I guess so. But I still think her name is too girly. SO…” …he pauses for effect… “I’m going to change it.”

  This conversation was taking place at the lunch table, so the rest of the family [minus Dad] was listening.

  “But Jackson,” Lindsay [12] protested. “We like Kate’s name; we don’t want to change it! Can he really change Kate’s name just like that, Mom?”

  “Jackson can call Kate whatever he wants to, I said with significant emphasis on the word Jackson.

  “Yep, I sure can,” Jackson said cheerfully. “And I know just the right name, too…Supernova!”

  There was a short silence. Then Carrie [14] said, “That’s actually a pretty good name. Not that I’m saying I’m going to call Kate that,” she added hastily. “But it is pretty good.”

  Deciding to seize the moment, I asked, “Jackson, do you know what a supernova is?”

  “Oh, of course,” Jackson said. He proceeded to give me a fairly detailed explanation of a supernova, with George [8] and Lindsay chiming in.

  I don’t mean to underestimate my children, but I have to say I was shocked! He must have been listening to that science lesson after all. Now if only he had listened so well today…

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