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Running Errands

August 3, 2011

  What it is like to run errands…and with only half my crew 😉


  I had quite a few places to go yesterday afternoon–three of the kids had doctor appointments, for one thing, which was sure to take a while. I also had coupons for items at Kroger and Publix and needed to go by the bank and library. We finished up school early and left home about 1:30. Lindsay [12], Steven [9], Jackson [7], Jayne [6], Lauren [4], Micah [2], and Sara Grace [almost 2 months] came with me, while Rhonda [15] stayed home with the others.

  The doctor was our first stop. We walked into the waiting room and every eye opened wide. I could practically hear the counting: One, two, three, four, five, six…Six kids? No–there’s another! SEVEN?! What is that lady thinking?!

  I sent the kids to sit down while I signed in. By the time I joined them, they were already getting restless.

  “Mom, can’t they just call us and be done with it?” Jackson asked.

  “We just got here!” Steven reminded him. Steven was busy making a paper airplane out of…was that the math worksheet he was supposed to be finishing?

  “You can’t fly that plane inside!” Jayne cried. Then, suddenly unsure of herself, “Can he, Mommy?”

  “Steven, please unfold your math worksheet and finish working it,” I said. He did, although with a sigh.

  “How much land did the Roman Empire conquer?” asked Lindsay, who, completely unaware of the airplane conversation, was intently studying her favorite Ancient Civilizations Usborne book.

  “A lot,” Steven replied, glad for a break from his math. “Hey, why did Lauren come with us to the doctor? I thought she was staying home.”

  “She had an appointment.”

  “Oh. I didn’t know that. By the way, how long does it take a hairline fracture to heal?”

  “I don’t know. Ask Mom, or the doctor,” Lindsay answered, impatient to get back to her book.

  Sara Grace started to cry, and Lauren patted her gently: “It okay. Mommy, why she crying?”

  “We’ve been waiting for HOURS!” Jackson cried dramatically. “Mom, you said you would read Missionary Stories with the Millers to us while we waited! Did you forget to bring it?”

  The lady across the room, holding a single little girl on her lap, couldn’t resist any longer. “Are they all yours?!” she exclaimed with shock and fright in her eyes. I happily responded, “Yes!”, and the lady gave a pitying shake of her head.

  After a ten-minute wait, which, to Jackson, seemed an interminably long time, our name was called. The nurse didn’t pay attention and shut the door after only 3 kids, leaving 3 out in the waiting room. She immediately caught her mistake and opened the door again. “WOW, I didn’t know how many there were. You really have your hands full”–to which I responded with a smile and a chuckle. I don’t know what she would have said if I told her I had five more at home.

  The unsuspecting doctor walked into the room. He was immediately peppered with questions about fracture healing, range of motion, and bone density. My knowledge seekers looked at him, expecting real answers. I looked at them and have trouble keeping in my laughter. [To his credit, the doctor did answer every child.]

  After the three doctor appointments–which ended up taking an hour and a half, less time than I had expected–we visited the grocery stores, bank, and library. The kids were getting tired and cranky–I probably made a mistake taking seven to the doctor and then dragging them around town when only three had to go, but the others insisted they wanted to come, most likely in the hopes of getting lollipops at the bank. Either that, or having questions answered by the doctor. George [8] had wanted to come, too, but I turned him down because he had had a bad attitude that morning during schooltime.

  We got back home around four-thirty or five. It was a long afternoon, most of it spent sitting in the doctor’s office or the car. Despite the blazing heat, almost all the kids played outside until dinner. Several of them were actually asking to go to bed last night–rare! I can say for sure that we all slept well–very well.

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  1. Robert permalink
    August 4, 2011 3:22 PM

    Great blog; glad to hear you’re all doing well. Thanks for sending the link.


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