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The Sounds of our House

July 31, 2011

  These are the sounds of our house, happening as I write them.


  “…sixteen, seventeen, um, uh, oh yes–eighteen, twenty!” Lauren [4] calls. She is the “looker” in a game of Hide-and-Seek. “Ready or not, here I come!”

  She races off down the hall, bare feet slapping the hardwoods, to find Jackson [7], Jayne [6], and Thomas [5]. Within minutes, all four have returned.

  “You could play outside, you know,” Lindsay [12] suggests from the couch. “I’m trying to read. Plus, Micah is asleep.”

  “But Micah sleeping downstairs!” Lauren points out. “And besides, it THUNDERING outside!”

  “Do you want to play with us, Lindy?” Jayne asks sweetly, using Lindsay’s nickname from years ago. Lindsay glances at the book in her hand, then back at Jayne.

  “Sure, I’ll play.”


  Canon in D floats through the house. Carrie [14] is the one playing, although Rhonda [15] and Lindsay know the song as well. Carrie, a wonderful musician, has not had a chance to play the piano in a few days. Lauren, Micah [2], and Thomas took their naps in the basement this afternoon [a fact which they were delighted about] so Carrie could play.


  Cards hit the living room floor as Rhonda and John [husband] engage in a friendly game of Speed. Our family enjoys playing card and board games, and Speed is one of our favorites. Marmy [cat] purrs contentedly as she watches the game.


  At the kitchen table, Steven [9] and George [8] are rather loudly eating a snack. Thomas walks into the kitchen, looking for a place to hide where Lindsay, a good “looker”, won’t notice him.

  “I want some frozen grapes!” he says. “Mommy, may I have some?”

  “Yes, go ahead.”

  A minute later, Lindsay walks into the kitchen and sees three of her younger brothers sitting at the table happily eating their fruit.

  “Thomas, I found you, and I want some grapes too. Lauren, Jayne, Jackson, come here. Let’s take a break from our game and have a snack. Then we can keep playing. Mom, is that okay?”

  “That’s fine.”

  “What are you playing?” George asks. “Hide-and-Seek? I want to play with you.”


  It’s 4:30 on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, the last day of summer. The house feels cozy, content. We’re staying home from church tonight…all chores are done…and I finally feel ready for school tomorrow.

  I only wish we had these kinds of afternoons more often.

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