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Back to School

July 28, 2011

  For our family, school starts August 1: next Monday. I’ve been working on our school schedule today, and the kids are beyond excited; it’s so funny to see. They love getting a new schedule [I’m not really sure why, but hey, I’m not going to discourage them if they’re excited about going back to school]. It’s basically the same thing each year, but I do change things around.

  I’ve decided that every single one of the children, excluding Sara Grace [almost 2 months], will start their day with an hour of outside time [8:00-9:00]. The younger ones always have trouble focusing if they haven’t had a chance to get their energy out. At 9:00, we’ll have our Bible time; we always start school in this way. However, each child has their own quiet time every morning.

  I divide the kids into groups according by age. Rhonda [15], Carrie [14], Mark [13], and Lindsay [12] all work together. They usually spread out in the basement; we have all our school supplies down there. The next group is Steven [9], George [8], Jackson [7], and Jayne [6]. They have the most trouble focusing, so I seat them at the kitchen table where I can keep an eye on them. My last group is Thomas [5] and Lauren [4]. Micah [2] often is with them, too.

  The kids do math, grammar, vocabulary, and science on their own; we also have a half-hour slot when they do their chores. At 12:00, we all meet in the dining room for lunch. At 1:00, we go down to the basement for spelling, history, and reading.

  I like to have my five youngest down for a nap by 2:00, but it doesn’t always happen. Spelling doesn’t take long, but history can be awhile, as can reading. The kids always beg for just one more chapter! Sonlight [curriculum we use] has wonderful, wonderful books.

  When my youngest are taking their nap, the others have free time; they can do whatever they like.


  Jayne wrote me a sweet note earlier today regarding our school schedule.

  Dear Mommy,

I am glad we hav a scool skedul. I like to have a scool skedul. Scool is a lot of fun even thoh math is not. But Thomas thinks so to, he dos not like math just like me. But I am sad that we do not have a scool meeting like we did last yer. Well that’s all, Thank You for being my nise Mommy.

  Love, Jayne

  Last year, our schedule was a bit different. For one thing, we had Bible time at 8:00 instead of 9:00; the kids played outside after lunch. We had a school meeting at 10:00, when we all met at the kitchen table and I checked their work while they had a snack [they all loved the snack part]. That’s the “scool meeting” Jayne was referring to.

  I’m feeling very crunched for time, trying to get lesson plans and the schedule all set up. When school starts, I’ll be helping the kids with their work and taking care of Sara Grace at the same time; I’m worried I won’t have enough time for both. The kids are delighted, though; they’ve been chattering all night about the school schedule [which they can’t see until Monday], first day of school pictures, new books to read, etc. I’m glad they’re excited; I, for one, feel like the summer went by far too fast [it always does!].

  But I have to admit, I’m excited, too.

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