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It’s a CRISIS!!!

July 27, 2011

  “MOM!!! Come QUICK, it’s a CRISIS!!!”

  Those are the words I hear at least five times every day from various children, usually the younger ones. Sometimes, it’s actually a crisis. More often, it’s not.

  Take today, for instance. Throughout the course of our day, four “crisis’s” [the computer says crisis’s is correct, so that’s what I’m going with] happened.  The first “crisis” occurred at breakfast when the apple jelly ran out and Jackson [7] was unable to eat apple jelly on his muffin.

  A crisis?

  I think not.

  The second: Lauren [4] was coloring after breakfast and a crayon broke. Once again, a crisis? Really?

  We didn’t have another crisis until mid-afternoon. This one happened when Lindsay [12] was using our family sewing machine. Rhonda [15], Carrie [14], Lindsay, and I all enjoy sewing. The main things we sew are jumpers and skirts for ourselves, Jayne, [6], and Lauren. Lindsay recently decided she wanted to make a nightgown for herself–a big project. She picked out some pretty sky-blue flannel at the store and found ribbon to match. This afternoon, she got everything ready to sew.

  She had only been in the bedroom fifteen minutes when guess what I hear. “MOM!!! Come QUICK, it’s a CRISIS!!!”

  I went into the bedroom. Lindsay was kneeling on the floor, holding scissors in one hand and a piece of blue flannel in the other.

  “I cut it wrong,” she cried. “What do I do? Look, I cut on the wrong line–it’s too small. You told me which line to do, but I forgot–and now it’s ruined. I can’t make a nightgown.”

  “Well, wait a minute, let’s see. We bought some extra material in case something like this happened. Yes, look–you can just fold that up for scrap and start again.”

  “Oh. Okay. Thank you Mom; I know what to do now. You don’t have to be in here anymore.”

  How’s that for gratitude?

  The last crisis really was more of a crisis. Steven [9], George [8], and Jackson had gone into the backyard to play [why they would want to play outside at 5:00 P.M. in July is beyond me]. I was in the kitchen making dinner. Suddenly Steven flung open the back door.

  “MOM!!! Hurry, it’s a CRISIS!!!”

  “Steven, please don’t make the door hit the wall,” I replied. “What’s the matter?”

  “It’s Jackson–George pitched a baseball to him, and it hit him in the mouth. His nose is bleeding, too.”

  Jackson’s nosebleed was stopped fairly easily. Upon further investigation, I found that a small, perfectly square chip had been taken out of his front tooth. George must’ve thrown that baseball hard.


  I looked up the definition of the word “crisis” in the computer dictionary. Dangerous or worrying time: a situation or period in which things are very uncertain, difficult, or painful, especially a time when action must be taken to avoid complete disaster or breakdown.

  Now let me ask you honestly: Can running out of jelly really be considered a dangerous or worrying time?

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