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Louis VI (the fly)

July 23, 2011

  Funny story from earlier this week…

  I was sitting on the couch with Sara Grace listening to Jayne read to me. There was a fly that was buzzing all around us and getting very annoying. I finally asked Jackson to catch it. But first, of course, several things had to ensue: he had to walk all the way downstairs and out to the garage, search for a bug box, come back upstairs and ask me where a bug box WAS, find George to help him find one…etc.

  Meanwhile, the fly is still buzzing around everyone on the couch. Ten minutes later, Jackson and George return reporting that they can’t find a bug box because the shelves in the garage are such a MESS. SO…I send responsible Lindsay down to the garage to help them.

  She returns, reporting that she can’t find one either. The fly is really getting unbearable. Just then, Mark enters the room. George gives him a rundown of the situation, and Mark calmly reaches out his hands and traps the fly.


  But we can’t just let the fly go outside and go on with life, can we? No. We have to put it in an old Tupperware container (after punching holes in the top so it can breathe), look at it, analyze it, talk about it, NAME it (Louis VI–he had ancestors that were named Louis too), call siblings into the room to look at it, analyze it, and talk about it…etc.

  Well, if we’re going to talk about the fly, we should talk about the fly, I decide. I send Jackson for a book on insects and my ten youngest and I (and Kate the cat) sit on the couch and read about flies.

  Typical morning in our house–the chores sit and wait while the people (and cats) look at a fly. A fly with a name.

  The kids eventually let Louis VI go in the backyard. About half an hour later, I walked into the boys’ room and found Steven, George, Jackson, Jayne, and Thomas marching in circles. I asked them what they were doing and they said they were going to St. Louis to visit Louis VI the French fly. I got them to clean up the shelf in the garage.


  I’ve been having frustrations trying to post this. I am not a computer person anyway, but WordPress was not my first choice when I decided to start a blog. I first made a blog using Blogspot (, but was then unable to access my account AND unable to start a new blog.


  I found a recipe for baked spaghetti; it looks good. I made some for dinner tonight; it should be coming out of the oven in about fifteen minutes. Rhonda and Jackson–yes, Jackson, my rambunctious seven-year-old who would rather do ANYTHING but stand still at the counter and cook–helped me make it.

  If no more posts arrive on this blog…you can assume Jackson did something to the spaghetti.

  Just kidding.

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