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Meet My Family

July 22, 2011

  I’m not entirely sure how to start blogging, but here goes! Let me first of all apologize if I don’t post very often. You’ll understand why I don’t have much time after you read the rest of this post.

  Well, my name is Nicole, and I am the stay-at-home homeschool mother of 12 children–a dozen blessings, as my husband and I call them. Our kids are Rhonda, 15, Caroline “Carrie”, 14, Mark, 13, Lindsay, 12, Steven, 9, George, 8, Jackson, 7, Jayne, 6, Thomas, 5, Lauren, 4, Micah, 2, and Sara Grace, who was born on June 9. We live in north Georgia. We love to spend time together, and we strive to always please the Lord.

  More posts will come soon; for now, God bless.

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